Our Philosophy

in the vineyard

Our vines are managed in a reasoned manner. The use of specific cultivation techniques aims to reduce the number of treatments by optimising their efficiency. In addition, soil work is widely practiced to encourage underground life and rooting, in order to obtain the richness and minerality necessary for the quality of the grapes that go into the composition of great wines.
This ecologically responsible and sustainable management reflects the house's commitment to limiting its impact on nature.
Since October 2018, the domaine has been awarded the HVE level 3 certificate in recognition of our commitment to particularly environmentally friendly approaches.

in the cellar

All our grapes are delicately pressed using the latest generation pneumatic press and very rigorously settled for 24 hours in order to obtain a clear and pure grape juice. All vintages are vinified in vats, tuns or pieces of Burgundy oak in total respect of the temperatures in order to preserve all the freshness and finesse of the Chardonnay.

” Thoughts are like wine when dreamers are drunk.”

Victor Hugo

“The only weapon I tolerate is the corkscrew.”

Jean Carmet

“In an old bottle, there’s some good wine. But there’s also something from the past, and it’s sleeping there. When you uncork the bottle, a ray of sunshine comes back to life, and it’s not without a little emotion.”

Léon Abric

Winegrowers' Club

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